Sapporo Sightseeing Guide

Please look at the following web sites to make your sightseeing plan before and/or after the meeting. I also recommend you to utilize a Rental Car, which is convenient and cheeper compared with the other traffics especially if some people share one car. Please note that you have to keep to the left when driving here. Another notice is that the Sapporo JR station is not only a railway station but also a huge shopping complex consisting of hundreds of restraurants (drinking places) and shops (ex. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Burberry, Nike, Addidas, Starbucks, Mister Donuts, McDonald's, Subway, Books, Cameras, Electronics, etc, and "Pokemon center"). This station is further connetcted to a city center through an underground passage (520 m, 9 min walk), and at the city center you will also find so many department stores and thoughsands of shops, restraurants, drinking places and visiting spots. This city center is further connected to the "Sapporo Factory Mall" and "Susukino" area through additional underground passages (500 m each). I recommend you to extend your staying at least a few days for looking around these areas by walking (S.Tsuda).


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