2024.4.23 I started a research about the macromolecular hydration with a new JSPS grant.
2023.10.13 Cell-preservation function of fish AFPs was analyzed by using blood cells.
2023.9.22 I started revisions of the old contents of My Research page.
2023.8.24 I prepared "Thermal hysteresis measurement" in this homepage.
2023.5.22 Two reviews (1,2) written in Japanese were published.
2023.2.3 Ice-binding mechanism of AFGP studied with its synthetic peptides was published in Chem-Eur J.
2022.9.6 We found a new fungal AFP that binds to whole ice planes but shows intermediate activity.
2022.8.31 Expression of an activity-improved variant of fish AFP improves viability of C.elegans.
2022.7.6 I prepared "What is antifreeze protein ?" including movies to support the contents.
2022.6.18 We will have the IBP2022 meeting. Please also check the past meeting.
2022.6.2 I started fixing many old- and collapsed portions of this homepage.
2022.5.20 I moved from AIST to U-Tokyo as a research fellow on April 1st.
2021.11.25 We found that TmAFP prolongs the cell lifetime without freezing at minus 5 degrees.
2021.4.1 The TmAFP was discovered in a phylogenetically distant beetle Dorcus hopei binodulosus !!!
2020.6.12 I received Society Award from Japanese Society for Cryobiology and Cryotechnology.
2020.5.12 A fungal AFP locating the linearly aligned troughs like insect AFP was discovered.
2020.3.10 We found that type II AFP also binds to whole ice planes with increasing concentration.
2019.7.1 I have joined the editorial board member of Scientific Reports.
2019.6.2 Akari yamauchi (DC1) in our laboratory received the Best Presentation Award.
2019.5.16 Our new paper demonstrates that AFP-expressing C.elegans can tolerate 24-hr freezing.
2019.4.26 We identified the ACW mechanism for a Ca2+-dependent species of type II AFP.
2019.2.13 Our quantitative analysis of the IRI function of AFP was published in Scientific Reports.
2018.10.30 "Applictions of AFPs: Practical use of the quality products from Japanese fishes" was published.
2018.8.18 A special issue of Biomolecules,"AFP -New insight from different approaches", is now open for submission.
2018.8.1 A new technical book "Functions and Applications of Antifreeze Protein" was released.
2018.6.20 Prof. Robert Ben visited us with Dr. Inada @ AIST for a seminar and discussions.
2018.5.9 Our finding of polypentagonal waters on AFPIII was published in Proc Natl Acad Sci USA.
2017.9.4 I presented a poster about our new AFP samples in IBP2017 meeting held in Israel.
2017.7.12 I revised Explanations about AFP of this homepage.
2017.6.27 I went to London UK to speak at Bioscience 2017.
2017.5.21 I hosted The 62nd Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of CBCT at Hokkaido University.
2017.2.13 Discovery of a new type I AFP (BpAFP) was published in Scientific Reports.
2016.10.20 I presented about Mass preparation of fish antifreeze protein in Bioprocess-2016 @ Houston.
2016.9.9 New fish antifreeze proteins were commercialized by our collborating company.

Prof. Peter Davies at Queen's Univ. visited us for a lecture & a research communication.

2014.2.3 The web site of 2nd IBP conference was opened. Please start early action to attend!
2013.9.17 New result about 5-day storage of insulinoma cells with AFPI and III was published in PLoS ONE.
2013.1.31 Our study with the Zen-noh Embryo Transfer Center was published in Scientific Reports.
2013.1.10 I will have a Japanese Science Forum with my collaborators in Tokyo on 14-FEB-2013.
2013.1.7 Our NMR research paper on a Japanese fish AFPIII was published in J.Biomol.NMR.
2012.11.12 Current Research of this homepage was updated.
2012.10.16 Prof. Brian Sykes visited us to have an NMR seminar.
2012.6.8 Our research paper about the structure/function of a fungal AFP was published in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.
2012.6.1 This new homepage was prepared.