2nd Ice-Binding Protein Conference
August 4 - 7, 2014. Hokkaido University, Sapporo JAPAN


For the speakers: Please use your notebook PC or iPad for your presentation. Our PC projector has the standard VGA D-sub15pin cable, so if you use a newer machine please bring your VGA adapter (ex. Mini Displayport VGA adapter).
For the poster presenters: Please prepare your poster so as to fit in your poster space, the size of which is 1,350 mm width x 1,800 mm height (see the picture). Poster session is scheduled on the afternoon (13:00 - 14:30) and evening (18:30 - 20:00) of August 5th, Tuesday. We will provide you 4 - 6 pins to put your poster on the board. If you need many pins, please bring the addiotional pins by yourself. You can put your poster anytime after the registration, and we hope you to leave it till Aug-7th noon. Please click here to check your poster number.
For all : Please look at the commercial displays of 3 Japanese companies, Nichirei, Kaneka, and Japan Hi-Tech Co.Ltd. at the 1st floor of the hall during the conference. You can use Wi-Fi internet connection in the conference hall, for which we will inform you ID and passwd.


15:00 Check-in and Registration at the ASPEN Hotel
17:00 Reception at the ASPEN Hotel


9:00 Dr. Sakae Tsuda Opening Remarks
Session 1: Physiology of freeze avoidance and freeze tolerance
Co-chairs: John Duman and Maddalena Bayer-Giraldi
9:10 Dr. John Duman "The functions of thermal hysteresis proteins and glycolipids in cold tolerant insects"
9:40 Dr. Hans Ramløv "Antifreeze proteins from the Rhagium beetles and their applications"
10:10 Dr. Maddalena Bayer-Giraldi "Antifreeze proteins from the sea-ice diatom Fragilariopsis cylindrus - A review and open questions"
Coffee Break
10:50 Dr. Xiao Nang "Antifreeze proteins from cold adapted fungi - Freeze avoidant or freeze tolerant?"
11:10 Koli Basu "Disulfide-braced solenoid fold predicted for new antifreeze protein from fly"
11:25 Shuaiqi Guo "Novel role for an ice-binding protein -adhering an organism to ice-"
11:40 Aya Yamazaki "Type I AFP of cottid fishes distributing from the Arctic to the North pacific ocean"
11:55 Dr. Jianjun Wang "Anti-freezing protein inhibits ice nucleation: Another mechanism for the survival of living organisms in subzero environments"
Lunch (Bento Box)
First Poster Session
13:00-14:20 Abstracts PDF
Session 2: Mechanism of IBP and INP action
Co-chairs: Peter Davies and Brian Sykes
14:20 Dr. Ido Braslavsky "On the dynamic nature of the interaction between IBP and ice"
14:50 Dr. Peter Davies "Role of anchored clathrate waters in stopping and starting ice growth"
15:20 Dr. Chikako Kuwabara "Characteristics of antifreeze proteins as supercooling-promoting substances"
Coffee Break
16:00 Dr. Nolan Holland "Insight into the mechanism of thermal hysteresis activity from multidomain antifreeze proteins"
16:30 Corey Stevens "Antifreeze protein dendrimers: when two (or more) heads are better than one"
16:45 Yuichi Hanada "Compound ice-binding site: a determinant of hyperactivity of antifreeze protein from Antarctic sea ice bacterium Colwellia sp. (tentative)"
17:00 Ran Drori "On the correlation between adsorption rate of AFPIII to ice and thermal hysteresis: an experimental study"
Evening Meal (Bento Box)
Second Poster Session
18:00-19:45 Abstracts PDF


Session 2: - continued -
9:00 Dr. Yoshi Furukawa "Oscillatory growth of ice crystal in the solution of antifreeze glycoprotein"
9:30 Dr. Takaaki Inada "Growth mechanism of ice basal planes in antifreeze protein type III solution"
9:45 Dr. Yoshi Hagiwara "On the depression of ice/water interface temperature by adding antifreeze protein and ions to water in a narrow space"
10:00 Dr. Dmitry Vorontsov "Growth of ice crystals in the presence of carboxylated ε-poly-L-lysine"
10:15-10:35 Coffee Break  
Lifetime Achievement Award - Presentation and Keynote Lecture -
Chair: Peter Davies
10:35-11:40 Dr. Charles Knight "Understanding the nonequilibrium antifreezes"
11:40-12:00 Conference Photo  
Lunch (Bento Box)
Banquet at ASPEN Hotel


Session 3: Structure-function relationships and evolution of IBPs
Co-chairs: Laurie Graham and Hak Jun Kim
9:00 Dr. Laurie Graham "Genome archeology: Tracing the origin of type I antifreeze proteins in flounder"
9:30 Dr. Hak Jun Kim "Structural studies of hyperactive ice-binding protein from the Antactic bacterium Flavobacterium frigoris PS1"
10:00 Dr. Hidemasa Kondo "Structure and function of a fungal antifreeze protein from Typhula ishikariensis"
10:20 Joana Gronow "Activity switching of antifreeze proteins"
Coffee Break
11:00 Dr. Akihiro Ishiwata "Chemical synthesis and structural analysis of the antifreeze agent xylomannan fragment from Upis ceramboides"
11:15 Dr. Motoyasu Adachi "Crystal structures of the wild type and A20V-mutant for the antifreeze protein AFP6 derived from Japanese fish Zoarces Elongatus Kner"
11:30 Sheikh Mahatabuddin "A type I antifreeze protein exhibits an extremely high TH activity"
11:45 Dr. Joon-Hwa Lee "Backbone dynamics of the antifreeze-like domain of human sialic acid synthase and fish type III antifreeze protein"
Lunch (Bento Box)
Session 4: Biotechnical and commercial applications for IBPs
Co-chairs: Ido Braslavsky and Sakae Tsuda
13:00 Dr. Sakae Tsuda "The membrane-binding ability of fish IBP prolongs the life-time of a cell dramatically"
13:30 Dr. Peter Wilson "Determining the effect of IBPs on heterogeneous nucleation: ruling out induction time as a measure"
14:00 Shiran Zalis "Ice recrystallization inhibition by ice binding proteins"
Coffee Break
* a time to determine winners of the Best Presentation Awards
14:40 Dr. Matthew Gibson "Polymeric AFGP mimetics: Understanding and application to cryopreservation"
15:10 Dr. Kanami Tsuchiya "Ice-binding protein enables bovine embryos to be held for 10 days at 4 deg C"
15:25 Dr. Naoki Arai "Plant-derived antifreeze protein and its application in food preservation under frozen conditions"
15:40 Dr. Manabu Fukushima "Application of antifreeze glycoprotein for macroporous ceramic products prepared by gelation freezing method"
16:00 Best Presentation Award, Summarization of the meeting
  Closing Remarks
17:00 End  
Each session is a mixture of
  • invited 20-30 min talks.
  • and 15-min presentations picked up from the submitted poster abstracts.
Invited speakers of IBP2014 are as follows: Charles Knight, Peter Davies, John Duman, Laurie Graham, Hak Jun Kim, Maddalena Bayer, Ido Braslavsky, Sakae Tsuda, Peter Wilson, Hans Ramløv, Nang Xiao, Nolan Holland, Yoshi Furukawa, Koli Basu, Suaiqi Guo, Yuichi Hanada, Matthew Gibson, Kanami Tsuchiya, and Hidemasa Kondo.

Copyright and correspondence : Sakae Tsuda.